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"I always been in the beverage business from my family tradition, and always been connected to London from my English Literature studies experience."

"From my personal story, nothing else could come out, but to tell Stories, through a Glass."

"From Italy ( and not only..), we bring to UK, the passion, the competence and the craftsmanships of Artisans that are now re-discovering a new world in liqueurs and spirits production."

Antonio Beneforti


We bring to London and in The United Kingdom a fresh new range of alcoholic products, which combine tradition and innovation, based on the passion of single craftmen and producers.
We also bring some of the best traditional or innovative stories of spirits and liqueurs from UK to the Italian market, supporting them with our knowledge and experiences, in order to make them appreciated and requested.
«TO TELL A STORY, THROUGH A GLASS..» is not only our motto: it’s our way to conceive the business and the relationships we have the opportunity to create with it.
Join us in this passionate experience of Stories in the glass..!



Craft and Premium Stuff from Italy


Innovative and Traditional British Stuff